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Welcome Package for Newcomers to Canada

By cvf, 12/18/2023

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Welcome, or as they say in French, Bienvenue! We are delighted that you chose to settle in Canada, and not only do we want to help you have a safe and comfortable transition as a newcomer, but we also want you to get excited about everything Canada has to offer.

We curated partnerships from some of the best companies to help you prepare, settle, and thrive in your new life in Canada. 

Our partners will help you:

  • Settle into a home in Canada, whether you decide to rent or buy
  • Manage your money day to day and invest for the future
  • Stay connected with friends and family locally and back home
  • Travel and get around in a variety of ways
  • Develop your career or build your own business
  • Explore Canada!

Welcome Package

This Welcome Package is designed as a check list of steps you need to take before and after you arrive to help with getting started in Canada. 

Before Your Arrive

You have been accepted to Canada! Now what? Here are some important things to do to help you prepare for your move:


  • Ensure your passport is valid, and if not, apply for one immediately. This can take a while, so it is important that you do it as soon as possible.

Other Documents

  • You need a variety of other valid documents, so start collecting them and store them in a safe place, including:
    • Birth certificate 
    • Marriage or Divorce Certificate 
    • Educational Certificates / Diplomas 
    • Updated vaccination and medical records 
    • A driver’s license (if you have one) 

English or French Copies

  • Make sure all the above documents are photocopied and translated into English or French (depending on where you are going in Canada).


  • Decide where in Canada you want to go. Do research on the labour and housing market in those areas to help you make a decision. If you can, find a job before you arrive. 

Arrival Date

  • Pick a date for your arrival and book your tickets. 

Newcomer Housing In Canada

  • Find suitable newcomer housing in Canada and book it.  
    • We recommend SparrowLiving. Discover budget-friendly room and basement rentals across Canada with Sparrow! Flexible lease terms from 2 months to 12+ months, plus the added benefit of building your credit through rent payments. Your ideal space is just a click away. Explore Now

Canadian Currency

  • Exchange money for Canadian currency so you can use it right away. Some banks will also allow you to open an account before you arrive, and you can transfer money so it is waiting for you when you get there. 

Health Insurance

  • Get health insurance to ensure you are covered in case something goes wrong. Once you are eligible for provincial healthcare coverage, you can cancel it. 


Have you done all the above? Great! Now it’s time to get really excited as you are all prepared to arrive in Canada! 

After you arrive As A Newcomer To Canada

You just arrived in Canada and you are excited about your new life. Here are some important things to do right away to help you settle: 

Emergency Contact

  • Memorize the number 911. This can be used to access the police, fire department or ambulance in an emergency anywhere in Canada. 

Canadian Newcomer Assistance

  • There are several organizations or community groups designed to help newcomers in Canada. Consider finding one in your local area. 

Social Insurance Number

  • Go to the nearest Service Canada Centre and apply for your Social Insurance Number (SIN). This will enable you to work and apply for certain banking products. 

Healthcare For Newcomers In Canada

  • Go to the nearest Provincial Service Centre and apply for healthcare coverage. Do not forget to cancel your travel health insurance once you are accepted. 

Bank Account

  • If you haven’t already done it before you arrive, you need to open a bank account. This will enable you to get paid by your employer and access and move your money.

Newcomer Housing In Canada

  • If you have only found temporary housing, start looking for something more permanent.
  • Consider a tax-free home savings account to help you save for your first home in Canada. 

Stay Connected

  • Stay connected with family and friends, both locally and back home and consider getting internet, cable, and a cellphone plan.  

Long Distance Calling

  • Consider an additional phone company that specializes in long-distance calling. 


  • Get to know your new neighbourhood and what new immigrant services are available near you such as libraries, parks and pools. 


  • Figure out how you will get around. You may want to buy a car or rely on public transportation. There are also local ride-sharing companies you can consider. Get a Canadian driver’s license if you plan to drive. 


  • If you have a degree or diploma from back home, consider getting it accredited in Canada. 

Employment For Newcomers In Canada


  • Enroll yourself or any of your dependents in school. 


  • Find a family doctor. 

Child Tax Benefit

  • If you have a dependent under 18 years of age, apply for Canada Child Tax Benefit. 

These are the most important steps to take first, but you did not just come to Canada to settle, you came here to thrive. Here are some additional things to do to help you make the best of your life here: 

Language Programs For Newcomers

  • Improve your English or French by taking in-person or online classes. There are several tax-funded language classes that you can take for free. 

Laws and Rights

  • Learn about Canadian laws and your rights. 
  • Learn about your rights as a tenant if you decide to rent, or your obligations as a landlord if you become one. 
  • Once you have a job, understand your rights as an employee. 

Education For Newcomers In Canada

  • Consider upskilling to get a better job and improve your income.


  • Explore Canada! You came here for a reason. Make sure you explore your local neighbourhood, province and try to see other parts of the country as well.
    • We recommend you sign up for Oh Canada – our weekly newsletter designed to help newcomers explore the best Canada has to offer.

Permanent Residence Card

Do not forget, that you should receive your Permanent Residence Card from IRCC within two months of your arrival date. If you have not received it after two months, contact the IRCC office.

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